Websites Kids Math Homework help

It seems like today’s math gets complicated much more quickly than in the past. Thankfully, there are countless websites that can be of great assistance to students and parents who need a little extra help. Check with your school about websites that accompany the school system’s math textbook. Most textbook series also provide websites with additional practice activities and explanations, but you often need a password to access them.

Here are several excellent websites to help you through your math dilemmas: (my personal favorite)

You might be surprised to find that  is a great source of math tutorial videos for all levels. For example, your child might be studying the lattice method of multiplication in third or fourth grade. Search youtube for “lattice multiplication” and over 100 video search results appear. Many are made by classroom teachers and instructors. Make sure to use this website with your child to avoid the more adult content that can be found on youtube.

A similar but more child-friendly website that also features instructional videos is A search for our example, “lattice multiplication”, yielded 409 results. This website features teacher- and student-produced videos.

The Everyday Math program used by many school systems offers wonderful step-by-step tutorials at . Click on the launch button for FREE FAMILY RESOURCES at the top of the screen. The algorithms handbook animations are extremely clear and helpful.

There are, of course, many game websites that allow kids to practice what they know including www.funbrain.comand countless others. The website features teacher-made games and practice activities. For free materials, click on mathematics in the shared activities section in the lower righthand corner.  Then search for the topics and grade level that you need.

To first understand the concepts, however, use the above websites and don’t forget to ask your child’s teacher for additional help. They may provide their own materials and also have their own list of websites that correlate with your school system’s math program more closely.  Search the internet for your child’s math textbook to see if there are supplementary materials provided by the publisher. Thanks to the internet, an amazing array of resources are out there. With a little searching, you will, no doubt, find many others that can be added to this list of helpful math websites.