What is an i am Poem and how can it be used in the Classroom

An “I AM” poem is a simple literary piece of work reflecting the inner heartfelt emotional truths of the writer. This type of poem gives the writer the ability to think deeply and have the best use of his mind, bringing out creative thoughts and insights. And because most people feel the best poems are poems inspired from the heart, the “I Am” poem gives the writer the ability to search deeply in the heart for the inspiration needed.

The “I Am” poem has been said to have helped lots of kids improve your creative ability, communicating skills, expressive ability, thinking ability, and their general life. “I Am” poems have been mostly associated with kids of recent, but we are beginning to see the advantage it has in adults as well I mean real adults moms and dads. “I Am” poem comes with a strong spirit of boldness and confidence in the writer. It can be enough to make a shy person outgoing. It can be strong enough to make someone a public speaker. However, the process through which this happens is very gradual it is a step by step process where a seed is being planted in the life of the writer and with time germinates into a tree that bears fruit.

One thing about the “I Am” is that it can really get deep truths from its writer even with the writer not really knowing about it it happens very unconsciously.

How can the “I Am” poem be used in the classroom?

In the classroom, the “I Am” poem can be used to create a spirit of togetherness, dedication, discipline and strength in the heart of the students. If the rules of the “I Am” poem are something to respect, we can quickly see how it can inculcate discipline and concentration in even a small kid. So how can it be used?

Normally, the class teacher gets the students together, educates them of the general rules of the “I Am” poem, also allowing individual flare, and gets them to write the poem. Each student of the group is made to read the poem out to the others. It continues like until it goes round the circle. In this kind of situation, you can really see an introvert reading boldly in public because what he is talking reflects his inner thoughts and communications. The “I Am” poem is good for self-development.