What Kind of Waterfall is that

There is something majestic and beautiful about falling water. Many students have seen waterfalls, but may not be aware there are different types of waterfalls. This is a great idea for an interactive bulletin board.

*cascade: This kind of waterfall is a waterfall or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks. Some examples of cascading waterfalls are the Mele Cascades Waterfalls, Hawks Bluff Cascading Falls, and Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica.

*cataract: This kind of water is a very large or high waterfall and often consists of several cascades.

*plunge: Plunge waterfalls drop vertically while losing contact with the base rock or cliff face behind them.

*block: A block waterfalls is formed over a wide river.  It is usually wider than it is high. It may look like a sheet or a curtain.

*horsetail: The horsetail looks much like the plunge, but part of the waterfall keeps in constant touch with face.

*punchbowl :Punchbowl waterfalls occur when water from a wider river flows through a narrow fall and then out into the plunge pool.

Many waterfalls are a combination of the different types of falls. For example, Niagara Falls is a location where a number of different types of falls may be seen.

First learn the definitions of the different types of waterfalls.  Share some examples with the students. Then it is time for the students to go to the library or media center and do a little research. There are many different pictures of waterfalls and the class members become detectives to find examples of each type of waterfall and some combinations.

Groups bring back pictures of the waterfalls and the class works together to determine the proper placing on the bulletin board.

Another fun addition is a class that has Gremlin Attacks. If the term in new to you “Gremlins” come to play in the classroom at night. Sometimes they move the desks into a different order. (It’s much nicer than having to be moved away from your chatty neighbor). Sometimes they mix up all the pictures on the bulletin board and putting it back together is a good review. Sometimes they leave little footprints with attached.  It works great for the waterfalls to end up and on the chalkboard and get to be reassembled.

A great bulletin board idea is one that the kids like to look at and participate with. Waterfall pictures are plentiful and it is a great way to explore.