What Subjects should be Taught to our Children as Enhancements to their Lives

The subjects taught in most primary schools are subjects each child will use sometime during their lifetime. For example, lessons in writing, spelling and reading allow a child to live and work in their given environment, in essence, to survive. But I feel there are three more subjects each child should learn in school. To be taught in every school and in every town in America.

The first subject is American Sign Language (ASL). I believe that learning ASL from early on in school will allow children to develop a caring attitude and more awareness and understanding of peoples’ disabilities. It will also give children just one more tool to assist their learning how to spell. Not to mention they will be able to communicate with the hearing and sight impaired. This gives the disabled a chance to feel more accepted and understood in our society.

The second subject is first aid. There are already many schools that teach first aid to their children, but it should become a nationally accepted, standardized basic subject. This is a skill children will use many times throughout their lifetime. They would be able to save a life, save a limb or even prevent an accident because of a simple, basic knowledge of first aid.

The third subject I believe every child should be taught is firearm safety. After reading the statistics on how many children kill themselves and each other with firearms, I believe every child should learn to safely handle a gun. The firearms are out there, the kids are out there and all too often we find one handling the other without the knowledge on how to do it safely. This would not necessarily teach the kids that guns are good or worth the risks of owning one, but simply teach them what to do or what not to do when they find a loaded gun. I don’t mean children should be given shooting lessons, but they should be taught the simple knowledge of what to do when they find themselves in a situation where a gun is involved. Be safe, be careful, learn to protect yourself and others.