What to do when your Child is Scared of School

Fear of School: What should you do if your child is scared of school?

Fear is an anticipation of danger a dread of what may occur. If your child has a fear of school, there is real cause for this trepidation,; and your suspicions to seek answers should be of utmost importance.

During my work as a counselor, I have investigated numerous cases of students’ absenteeism and/or frequent tardies. Wariness has me consistently investigating these matters because I desire to seek answers and assist all students.


1. Many times, students have a fear of coming to school.
2. A fear of the traditional school setting with hundreds to thousands of peers blanketing their surroundings in glances, giggles, whispers, and nods.
3. A fear of teachers’ words, actions, deeds.
4. A fear of bad grades and appearing stupid.
5. A fear of mom and dad knowing the truth.
6. A fear that is visceral, radiates throughout their entire being, and causes angst, illness, and uncontrollable desires to flee from school.


The burdens are numerous; however, these afflictions are real and need to be addressed. Here are some tips that have been of assistance for guidance with my children, my students, and the parents of my students:

1. Change your mind set to one that is sympathetic: allow yourself to place your thoughts to the side, and feel and think as if you were your child.
2. When you feel confident that you will not be judgmental, ask your child to talk to you and express his/her feelings, concerns, thoughts about fears they are experiencing.
3. While your child is talking to you, allow them to be honest. Continue the nonjudgmental attitude, and remain sympathetic.
4. Offer advice from a broad perspective while assuaging your child’s fears. Try to come to reasonable conclusions together.
5. If these steps are to no avail, seek assistance from the school counselor, school psychologist, and/or other community support systems.
6. More importantly, continue to care and love your child.


Fears that students experience are serious issues. As young individuals, they haven’t found the means to work through their problems; and parents, you are the teachers, counselors, role models for your children; you are the one to guide your child on the correct path.

What should you do if your child is scared of school? Be supportive, understanding, sympathetic, and guide your child lovingly to reasonable solutions.