What to think when your Childs Grades take the Plunge

A child who strives to maintain good grades puts a lot of effort and concern into their classes. A child with good grades assures their parents they are attempting to make something of their life and are doing what they should be doing while at school. When a good student suddenly turns into a bad student what parent would not have concern. Children do not just stop trying one day and decide they should throw all their hardwork away. If you child’s grades have fallen it is time to have a talk with your child or your child’s teachers.

There are a number of things that could be affecting your child’s grades. Allow your child the option of telling you what is going on before you go to the school system asking questions. Talk to your child to see if you can get them to open up. If not then it is time to inform them that you will be paying a visit to their school to have a talk with their teacher in the suffering area or areas.

The first thing a parent of a teen often thinks is that their child is involved in drugs, drinking, partying, etc. You could be right but would probably have already noticed changes in their behavior before changes in their grades if this was the case. There are other things that is probably the problem your child is suffering from. It is important that you rule out nothing until you know what is going on but this is probably not the first stop you need to make.If you find this is the problem your child is having you need to talk to your child. If your child will not talk to you insist they talk to a counsler, therapist, doctor, etc. It is important your child get the help they need as soon as possible so that they can overcome whatever reason they have turned to substance abuse.

Children may have great luck at the beginning of the school year with grades while subjects are simple and a reminder of what they learned the year before. When the school year continues to advance past and build on to what they have already learned children can have difficulty with subjects. This could be the reason your child’s grades have fell. This is a common problem that many children have. Some children will be open and tell you as soon as they begin having problems while others choose to try to hide the fact that they are having trouble understanding something. If you find your child is having problems with an area of study try to help them in any way you can to understand the material. Encourage your child to share with their teacher the problems they are having. If all else fails a study group for your child or a private tutor may be the best option to keep your child advancing with the rest of the class.

Children also respond negatively with grades when a problem with relationships are affecting them at school. The relationship problem could be an issue with friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a bully picking on your child. The problem is your child is busy trying to fix what ever problem they have with the relationship and is paying less attention to the material they should be learning in class. Some children will come to parents with this type problem while others try to keep mom and dad out of the know. Often problems such as these are learned through your childs friends, classmates, or teachers. If you find your child is having a problem like this there is nothing you can do but give them insight on what you would do to fix the problem or move on. You can give better advice if you have experienced the problem. If you have no idea on what needs to be done consult someone who will such as your family or friends. It is important to support your child and help them through times like this. This is the beginning of earning their trust for a life long relationship of parental insight and wisdom. When you help your child they will come closer to giving you a heads up the next time a problem such as this arises.

Some children choose to allow their grades to drop as a way to rebell against parents. If you encourage good grades they see this as their way to control situations with you. You must explain to your child that by allowing their grades to suffer they are only hurting themselves and not you. You must encourage your child to do well while also letting them know that bad grades is not the way to get the upper hand in an disagreement or what ever issue caused the rebellious attitude in the first place.

Today’s teachers are sending home more and more homework for your children to complete. This is causing some children to slack off with grades. Just as you do not want to work all day at your job your child does not want to work all day at their grades. It is important to make sure your child does all their homework but also has time to do the things they want to do. There has to be a balance of homework and free time or else the child is unhappy which results in poor grades. Help your child with homework if they need help. This will encourage them to continue to try to complete the assignment and keep them from possibly becoming angry with their inability to do it by themselves.

There are a number of things that could be causing your child’s grades to fall. It is important to find what the problem is and then begin actions to correct it. Helping your child solve their problem will allow your child to improve their grades while also teaching them to trust your ability to help them when they need it. Don’t pressure your child if they choose not to tell you what is going on but make sure they do know you intend to ask other people around them such as friends, teachers, etc and then take the matter into your own hands to get it fixed. If a child knows you are going to find out what is going on anyway they sometimes choose to go ahead and tell you. The important thing is to just be there for your child.