What to think when your Childs Grades take the Plunge

When children are doing well in school parents normally are relieved that they are doing what they think is supposed to be done. The thought that go through their mind is yes, I am doing this right, so I don’t have to worry. But when a child’s grade plummet then parents look closely at different aspects to find out what is going wrong and how they can help their child.

One of the items that parents look at is the quality of teaching. Is my child’s teacher teaching them the way they are supposed to be taught? Does the teacher not like my child? What could the teacher do different to help my child? These are all valuable questions and the best thing to do when your child’s grades plummet is to have a parent teacher conference to make sure the teacher and parent are viewing the information accurately. There will be times that a teacher just does not like a student for whatever reason, even though we know teachers are supposed to be above this type of attitude, but it does happen. That is why it is crucial for parents and teachers to meet to find the problem that the child is having. If the problem is that the teacher does not like your child then you need to make an appointment with the administrator of the school, whether it is a principal or dean, to have your child removed from the classroom. If it is not then the parent and teacher need to find something to help the child to improve their grades.

Another problem that could be happening is that the child has a new teacher and they have a different style than the last teacher and the child doesn’t respond as well to the teaching method. This is neither the fault of the teacher or the student, but it is still something that needs to be addressed. It is important at that time to have a meeting with the teacher to find an acceptable method to help the child improve. This could be moving the child to another classroom or just into another part of his current classroom. Sometimes when you remove a child from a group of children then it will help them to be able to focus on the teacher instead of his friends around him.

The most important part of your children while they are in school is to have open communication with the teacher and administrative staff. If both sides know that if a problem arises that one or the other can be contacted then the problem won’t fester out of control and it can be handled in a quick and efficient manner. Children should not be placed in a position at school that makes it difficult for them to learn. It is up to the parents and teachers to work together to make the transition between home and school as seamless as possible. Both parties want the same thing, for the child to succeed and grow.