When your Child is Afraid to go to School

Your kindergartner or your first grader will normally be a little afraid of school but this should last only for a few days; in fact by the first week school will be welcomed and he will be eager to attend. Normally he will be eager to go to school and will have no problems while there. If, on the other hand, the fear suddenly happens after he has been at school for a reasonable time, then definitely there is something causing the fear. You must then become detective mom. This will take some time but it is important that ou find out why he is afraid of school and who or what is causing it.

You, of course, know you child. Is he normally a child afraid of a bogeymen hiding under his bed, or in his closet? If so, then you can be reasonably sure he is making more of the fear than is real. But, don’t stop there. Do investigate to see what started this fear. Encourage him to talk to you about his school experiences and talk to his teacher. It is possible he is not comfortable with her or him.

Childhood at best is a fearful time and new things pop up to test their composure every day and sometimes these are more than they can handle. So, whether this is a legitimate ‘scary thing’ making him not wanting to go to school, or if it is of his inner thinking, it must be thoroughly thought through. If need be you may have to ask the teacher with whom you are already talking to about this problem, to have your child psychologically tested.

Others could be bullying him or and this could be making him afraid. Whatever you do, don’t rush to judgment and have your fear compound his. Go slowly and if he seems to getting over it go along and observer but do not bring up the subject. It is possible that it is something that he will outgrow. The bullying could have stopped, the teacher could have talked to him about it, or the problem could be resolving itself.

Fear at some time or another is pretty normal for children, and, in fact, for all of us. Time usually resolves this and in the case of your child’s fear this may be no different. It is a rare child that does go through this at some time in his school years. Yet bullying, if that is seen to be the cause, should never be tolerated. Alert the school authorities about this problem. But in the meantime reassure your child the best you can and if necessary go to the classroom with him. Or ask the teacher if you can sit outside the door. Whatever, solve the problem if it continues and will not simply go away as your child grows and gets used to school.