Why Boys Struggle more than Girls in Elementary School

I personally refuse to believe that the reason little boys struggle more in elementary school is because they are not as mature as little girls at that age or that little girls worry more about what teachers think of their behavior than little boys do. What’s with the stereotypical non sense anyway? Okay maybe girls do mature faster than boys and little girls worry more about what other little girls think of them, but so does the female teacher even if she is twenty or thirty years older than her students. She too worries more about what adult females think of her than her male peers. So what has changed from elementary school to the more grown up world we live in? Is the entire adult male race in the world still having to struggle because typically they really don’t care what someone else thinks of them or that they may enjoy taking part in aggressive sports or that they aren’t afraid to show who they really are, and what does it matter if they cut up once in awhile women do that too and so do little girls in school. We’re human. Should we be afraid and pursue concerns we have regarding men so that they will start to behave in a way that society says that they should? Will we continue to compare them with women just like we do with little girls and boys so that these men as well won’t be presenting themselves as societal problems? I don’t think so. In a general comparison there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between males and females in elementary school or adults living in a grown up world today based on the popular beliefs of why little boys struggle more in elementary school than girls. The truth of the matter is that we all irregardless of what sex we are learn at different rates. Little boys were not created to sit still for long periods of time. They learn by touching and trying things out for themselves. They want to see how the inside of a clock works or what makes a car go. They want to fix things. It’s who they are. Little girls on the other hand although curious aren’t as motivated to this type of learning. When considering the male and female species, our creative differences throughout the generations haven’t changed much. Perhaps we need more male teachers in the elementary schools or maybe, just maybe the entire problem is stupidity. Instead of accepting each other for who and what we are and our individual learning capabilities we allow corporations and governments to say what is acceptable for us and what is not. The stupidity or shall I say the lack of wisdom comes from listening to the lies and perversion, and it is then that we not only set limits for ourselves but others and especially the children.