Why Children should be Taught more Arts and Crafts

It seems that once a child has reached the age of seven or eight, their parents and their teachers no longer want to teach them arts and crafts. Why is it that we, as a society, encourage very young children to do arts and crafts but then slowly wean them out of it? Arts and crafts teach children that they are able to accomplish what they set their minds to. They feel a sense of satisfaction and pride, and they love showing their final results to everyone whom they know.

What most of us do, however, is separate various arts and crafts into different categories. One category is the arts and crafts that are mainly for boys, and the other category is reserved for arts and crafts that only girls usually do. The former category may list woodworking or metalworking while the latter category may list knitting, crocheting, and jewelry-making. However, it is only society that we have to worry about when we try to differentiate these activities. For, why does it matter if a male child wants to learn how to knit or crochet? Why would it matter for a female child to want to learn how to work with wood?

Once children begin to grow up, they start finding other ways to spend their extra time. Some of them may find that gang life is appealing, or hanging out with “bad” people is interesting. Some children, however, find that they love arts and crafts and stick to them. Some will find a love for music, and want to learn to play an instrument. Whatever the case, children should be encouraged to turn away from the dark side and to look for productive and creative ways to express themselves and use their time wisely.

Besides, children really do enjoy using their imagination. If they do not use that active imagination and put it to good use, the world may have lost what may well have been a great mind. We do not know which child may help advance technology or medicine, or which child will help the poor or help save the environment. This is why we need to nourish the minds of these children positively, and keep their minds active.

It is every adult’s job to make sure that children are getting the amount of arts and crafts that they need. Their creativity will be used and funneled in positive and productive ways, and we can ensure a brighter future for all of us.