Why Health Classes are Important for Grade School Students

Children from birth are exposed to healthy eating and practices. This doesn’t mean that they are implemented. If the mother is not aware of such ideas, she is given prenatal and postnatal instructions by her doctor. Young children are always told not to put certain objects into their mouths. As they grow older it is explained to them why this is harmful.

Children should be taught as early as possible good clean habits. Start with the basis hygiene. Since children are in school most of the day, it is only natural that it should continue here. They should wash or wipe their hands before eating; not to eat food that has dropped on the floor; wash their hands after using the toilet; some fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating, e.g. an apple. The teacher can explain to her pupils why these tasks are necessary.

As regard to good nutrition, the teacher should start by questioning the pupils about their likes and dislikes of the foods they eat. The teacher should praise the values of the nutritious foods that some of the children have chosen. Then the teacher should point out why some of the other foods chosen are also good but shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities. It should be explained to the pupils why they should eat fruit and vegetables and eating candy was permissible but only in small quantities. Children have to depend on their parents for everything and that includes the nutritious value of their food. Some families often dine out or they depend on food delivered to the home. These foods are usually not healthy. This makes it more important that children should know about healthy eating.

Exercise is vital for all children. At most schools children are taken outside in all weathers and are allowed to run around and play. This is acceptable informal exercise. At other schools the exercises are more formal and maybe in the form of drills. Children are now lacking exercise because of computers, video games and other sedentary pursuits.  The consequences of such actions are now easy to see. Children have to be taught that exercise is good for them. It helps them to build strong bones, gives mental alertness and burns fat.

Let your pupils know that going to bed early is very important in promoting growth and good mental health. They should not watch late television when there is school the next day.

Teaching healthy living to younger children is important as it prepares them for a healthy life.