Why Homework is Important

Why is homework important? Firstly: what is homework? Homework is practice. Practice is simply doing something in repetition in order to improve it. If a child is walking, then the child rolled around, crawled, and climbed up and down the stairs using his or her hands, first. Why is homework, or practice, important? Those who fail to practice fail to learn. Indeed, homework has an effect on learning.

The school bell rings and class begins. The students are given a specific methodology by the teacher to solve a mathematical problem. At the end of this particular period, the teacher assigns similar math problems for the children to solve at home prior to moving on to the next subject. What purpose does this serve?

If a child has difficulty solving a math problem in class due to the limit of time or simply because he or she could not understand the problem, the child is given additional time to work it out at home. Homework can be viewed as extended class time. Also, this allows the parents to be aware of their child’s difficulties in school. The teacher helps the students understand the assigned task in class so they can reach success. The teacher is the facilitator in the classroom. Parents are the facilitators at home.

I used walking to support my explanation of why homework, or practice, is important. Walking doesn’t happen at birth. In fact, every child walks in their own time. It takes time to gain control of balance. One must roll around, crawl, and climb up and down the stairs using his or her hands, before he or she can walk. It takes practice. Another example that can support my explanation of why homework is essential is bike riding. As children have to crawl before they can walk, children have to fall before they can learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels. They have to learn about steering and pedaling. As with walking, children who are learning to ride a bike minus the training wheels, have to learn about balance. This is homework.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Because learning happens everywhere, the word “student” doesn’t just apply to those who sit in the classroom and listen to the teacher lecture. We are all students, including teachers. Teachers are assigned homework as well. They must go home and build lesson plans. Furthermore, teachers have to improve their lesson plans. Basically, homework helps one reach success.