Why Online Tutoring is best for your Math Fearing Child

Research has shown why online tutoring is best for your math fearing child. Math is a subject where absolutes are often presented in terms of achievement. Human nature has defined itself to be a seeker of perfection. To be told that you are wrong is ego-bruising, esteem-depleting and fear-inflicting, the second and third being the more prevalent damages inflicted on your child who looks up to adults for approval. Because Math solutions are often either right or wrong, when translated into a score, bad Math results are often feared more than any other subjects’ results. This has repercussions on the learning mode for those who have already been inflicted with low self-esteem and fear in coping with Math. A neutral tutor is hence best for your Math fearing child.

‘My Math tutor is the best. He will never scold me. He knows I am fearful I will fail Math because my mother will beat me when I do. But my Math tutor – he’s the best. He smiles when I get a problem wrong and simply says, “Everyone makes mistakes – not to worry, try again.” Even when I try the hundredth time, and get a hundred wrong answers, he says, a hundred times over, “Everyone makes mistakes – not to worry, try again.” My Math tutor? He’s no man. He’s a machine, a computer. My Math tutor – he’s the best.’ ~ author unknown.

Many children echo the unknown author’s sentiments when it comes to learning Math. Children hate to fail for many reasons – parental disapproval, fear of punishment for not trying hard enough, fear of showing up as being stupid. Even before they can start trying to succeed, they are already failing because of all sorts of unfounded fear within them. They fear their Math teacher’s fierce eyes, forgetting that teachers are often fierce. They fear their friends’ and sibling’s laughter if they show up as being stupid as a result of their teacher calling them stupid in front of the whole class.

Online tutoring? It is the best for the following reasons that kids have supplied in surveys on online learning:

~ He does not scold if asked to explain the hundredth time. He just repeats the explanation at the click on the button, until you finally get it.

~ He delivers bad results with a ‘Try again’ and does not ask presumptuously, “Why such a bad score? Have you been lazy again? You can’t be working hard enough!”

~ His explanations come with stories, illustrations, stories and silly sound effects, something a solemn human Math tutor will rarely present.

~ He does not show an angry face when his kids do not understand. He knows his job is to teach till you understand. He knows it is his responsibility to reteach until you understand.

~ He allows repeated tries without giving any big red zeros. He accepts the best results and does not question the number of tries at an assignment. Because he allows repeats, you learn to persevere and not give up until you turn in a better score that your parents will not scream at.

~ He allows late delivery of assignments. He knows his charges are trying their very best. And that they deliver late due to fear of the subject and pure ignorance on how to go about getting the right results.

Online tutoring is far less threatening and fear-inflicting than face-to-face. It is little wonder why online tutoring is best for your Math fearing child.