Why Public Schools Resemble Prisons why Children Suffer

Just the wording of this question brings me down a few different paths. Is this someone who hated school or was maybe picked on in school? Is this a person that is a huge proponent of Private School? Or maybe this person is just tired of paying taxes thinking that nothing is being done with their money. Of course I may just be reading way to much into the question and the question was raised because of the declining effectiveness that public schools seem to be showing. Which when you look at society today you can’t really blame teachers, schools or the government who gives them our tax money.

One of the articles I read on this said “Like prisons, public schools impose their will by force, by compulsion. Local governments force parents to send their children to public schools just as the police drag convicted criminals into prison (even though many parents are not aware of this and voluntarily send their kids to these schools). A parent can be convicted of alleged child abuse and sent to prison if she disobeys the school authority’s order to send her child to the local public school.”1

Oh my gosh! If I were a new parent reading that I would go sign little Johnny up for public school when I got his birth certificate. Not to make this personal or anything, but that is the most ignorant thing that I have heard when it comes to a child’s education. In the spring of 2003, an estimated 1,096,000 students were being home schooled in the U.S.2 So does this mean that there are also be 1,096,000 additional cases of child abuse in 2003? In fact there are maybe 1 million cases total of child abuse in the United States every year.

Of course children don’t want to go to school. They would rather sit in front of 52″ plasma playing their “I don’t have any real friends” game system. If we had a choice in life, then I wouldn’t go to work but just live off of the money that the government sends those that are uneducated and unemployed in this country. But I don’t have a choice, because when I was growing up we went to school. Of course we didn’t like it, but we did enjoy the fact that if we did go to school and get good grades we were able to do all of those other things that we wanted to do. Of course that was going on a bike ride with some friends just to see how far we could go before we got lost.

The problem isn’t the schools or the teachers either. The problem is that we as Americans have become so ignorant that when a child fails a grade in school, the parents go to the school and complain until the school lets that child go to the next grade. If a child is punished in school by getting yelled at or even detention, again the parents go the school or the media to complain until their trouble making little bastard is painted as a saint for exposing this sort of behavior in the schools. If a child does not apply themselves because their parents failed in raising a respectful individual instead of a spoiled little brat, then they shouldn’t go on to the next grade. If they are not competent enough in the curriculum that was taught to them that year, they should fail. This isn’t about whether public schools “impose their will by force” this is about knowingly siding with a child who’s sole purpose in life is to see how much he can get away with.

You can make all the excuses you want. Your child was picked on by a bigger kid. Your child has problems paying attention. Your child has Attention Deficit Super-Hyper Now I Can Get Away With Anything Disorder. It all falls on the parents. I want everyone that reads this to think back when you were in school and got in trouble. I want you to now remember what the teacher did to punish you. Now I want you to remember how your parents reacted when you told them. And now think to yourself. Did I deserve to be yelled at and then sent to detention? And why didn’t my parents complain to the school when I got home and told them that I had detention? You will come to the realization that our parents did the one smart thing and asked us “what did you do?”. What? Wait, so our parents knew that we were just trying to get away with something when we got caught? So if a child in school doesn’t like it. Tell them tough. You will get educated and not be a strain on society. And then if your like my parents, you will remind them that you brought them into this world. And you can take them out.

Trust me, a 7 year old child will believe you and do as you say.

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