Why Recess should not be used as a Reward or Punishment

Recess in school is that one time of the day when a little kid can get out there and be active. Unfortunately, some schools seem to think that recess should be a tool of reward, or punishment. If you do your work, you can go outside, but if you are bad you cannot go outside. This is stupid, and recess is not something you can just hang over the head of a student. Recess is so much more than that, and to think otherwise is shortsighted.

I remember when I was growing up, and how much fun recess was. I just hated it whenever the weather was deemed to be too bad to allow us to go outside for the day. Staying inside watching a movie wasn’t cool, and I would rather be playing soccer, or on the swings with my friends. I also remember teachers keeping students inside if they were bad, or as some form of punishment for not doing well for the day.

What teachers don’t realize is that by doing that they are contributing to the overall lack of activity that kids get these days. Recess is one of those rare times when kids will go out and run around, and just have fun for the day. I don’t think teachers get it that these are just kids, and quite frankly don’t care about not answering your question or some other petty thing during the day.

There are so many other ways to punish kids anyway. School is basically designed to give teachers control over everything kids do already, so why subject the kids to a day with no release? You can just subtract points from a grade, or not let them have ice cream on Friday, or something else like that. Recess is about running around and blowing off steam.

Kids at the age where there is still recess don’t understand what they do always. They are not little adults, they need to be treated like kids, and teachers shouldn’t be spoiling all the fun all of the time. That is what life becomes when you are an adult, so let the kids have fun while they still can. What is the point of not letting kids play soccer because they failed a test? It doesn’t even really count yet anyway.

Recess is not a bargaining tool. Recess is a needed activity for students to be active. Let the bored little minds have some fun during the day while they still can. Elementary school is about having fun, and just teaching basic concepts, not punishing kids by taking away the one chance they have all day to be kids. What’s next, no lunch if you talk out of turn?