Why to Build a Home Library

It may seem intimidating to build up a library at home. When most people think of a home library, they probably think of a large room in a mansion, with shelves so high ladders are needed to reach all the books. While this is one kind of home library, home libraries are still attainable for people with less space (or less money).

While a spare room would be ideal for a home library, a bookshelf is all you need to get started. The bookshelf should be in your living room or study so that it is easily accessible to all members of the family. Even if the bookshelf is only able to hold a couple hundred books, that is still more than enough room to start your home library.

Next, of course, are the books. They can be a mix of fiction and non-fiction, classic and new, depending on your interests. Buying books new can be very expensive, but remember that used books are an option as well. Many used books are in excellent condition, as people will read the books once and then sell them. Look for used bookstores in your area, or even online marketplaces.

Once the home library is built up, there are a few advantages for the library owner.

Firstly, it eliminates frequent trips to the city library, since the library is right there at home. This is especially beneficial for people who are elderly, disabled, or even just lacking reliable transportation to get to the library. You don’t even have to leave the house to buy the books for your library; they can be purchased online and shipped right to your front door.

There are no waiting lists to check out books, nor are there limits to how long you can have the books, or late fees. This can actually end up saving you money, since oftentimes the late fees cost as much or more than the cost of the book. With a home library, you will never again have the frustration of not being finished reading a book, yet having it due back at the library. Sometimes you are able to renew the book, but oftentimes, someone else has requested it and it has to be returned. In your home library, you can take as long as you want to read the books, since they are yours and yours alone.

Another advantage is increased education for any children in the home. Children who have easy access to hundreds of books will read them, and have better reading skills than children who have no books at home. Depending on the contents of your library, the books can be educational for adult readers as well. Non-fiction and reference books are a great addition to your home library.

While the initial cost of setting up your home library can be discouraging, the many benefits are worth building up your library. Start small and slowly add more bookshelves and books, until you find yourself the proud owner of a respectable home library.