Why to Pack your Childs Lunch

There are many advantages of packing your child a lunch. Here I will list five of these advantages.

One advantage is that they will appreciate it. Most of the time, your child will appreciate your packing a lunch for them. You can make them respect you more and realize how much they actually need you. You will be doing a good thing by supporting your child and making them a lunch you made with love. Trust me, you will definitely see a change in attitude after starting to pack lunch manually.

The second advantage is that it can be healthier. If you pack your child’s lunch, you get to decide what to put in it! You don’t have to worry about your child being unhealthy or obese. You can pack them something both you and they approve. Keep you child healthy and give them something that will improve their health! 

The third advantage is that it is cheaper. If you can’t afford to pay your child’s school for a lunch, why not pack a cheap one yourself? Sometimes, children buy snacks and waste the money in their lunch account on things they don’t need to be eating. You can make a more cost-efficient lunch for your child. 

The fourth advantage is that you will feel good about yourself. If you feel that you don’t help your child enough or that you don’t mean much to them, try making their lunch once in a while. You will feel better, both about what they are eating and about how you have helped your child. Do you feel bad about wasting time and sleeping in while your child prepares for school? Maybe you should pack their lunch and find things that you would be happy to feed them.

Advantage five is to have a feeling of responsibility. I know that as a parent, you have many responsibilities. Maybe you don’t. If not, try doing this. You will feel like you have done something good for your child. They will feel the same way toward you. You will have a better relationship this way. You will feel like a better parent.

These are all reasons why it would be a good thing to pack your child’s lunch. I hope you agree and found this useful. I am very grateful that my parents pack my lunch for me. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t. Maybe once in a while, you can bring lunch to them yourself. Bring them something from their favorite restaurant to make them happy. Give them a surprise!