The truth is: When you aren’t a reader, your child won’t write well. Even if you coerce him/her to write well and win in writing competitions or simply get an A in essay writing, they will be a writer manqué because they lack the inspiration gotten from you.

Short stories weaved together from original, un-bowdlerized ideas, fables culled from raconteurs long ago. All these are made of words. But what stands out, from the story of Cinderella to Jack and the Beanstalk, from contemporary Yo Gabba Gabba! to Dora book series, are the way words are manipulated.

If your child hasn’t read any books, then bring them to the library to read them. Read to them everything you can find in the library. Make use of the free or paid resources therein. You must not be conservative and stay aloof. Don’t think that libraries are such infra dig to go to. Libraries are actually a veritable wellspring of ideas and adventures. Watching television programs on Nick Junior won’t help them to write better since they are animated. There are no words to describe the actions. Words, accompanied by illustrations, can titillate children. If a story’s plot is so catching, they would read ad infinitum. When they want to write, they won’t feel daunted. 

Schools want children to be literate. Of course, who wants their children to be incompetent in writing, even in simple sentences? It would be maladjusted the next time they are going to work. 

Writing entails the memorization of words. Spelling is such an important aspect of your children’s education. If there are any solecism and other mistakes in their writing, correct them. Don’t think that they are too young to learn rules. It is best to start early than to regret later. If you didn’t critique your children’s writing, they would think that they are flawless. And this deleterious belief of ego will stay with them, even if they were old! I advice you to enroll your children in creative writing courses or simply read stories to them.

I notice that children won’t write expressively. That is because they fear mistakes. They are punctilious. They think ideas grudgingly. If you children says,”What if I don’t know how to write?” or ”You haven’t teach me how to write like a pro!” or anything like that, tell them that they have the right to think. Edward de Bono underlined that no matter how hard we are trying to rectify global warming, we don’t have the right mindset to really improve the condition. And all those environmental meetings are deadlocked.

Encourage your child to write for themselves.