Writing Games and Activities for first Grade

A 1st grader is just entering into the serious part of education. Therefore writing games for 1st graders shouldn’t be boring and instead should be fun. Through the fun activities mentioned below you can show them that learning can be a fun task!

A mixed up story

Gather a bunch of index cards, markers, shoe boxes/envelopes and construction paper to let your child realize the recipe for a successful sentence.

Pre requisite knowledge:  Nouns, verbs


Let your child think of 10 nouns and 10 verbs. Then make him write them down on the index cards. Tell him/her that these cards are going to be used to make up a mixed story. Let him sit down and pick any 5 of the cards and use them to create his own mixed up story. For example: Did the “Lion* *Eat* the *Gazelle*?
Let him come up with more sentences and turn that into a story. Let your child experiment and he’ll surely find it a fun way to learn about nouns and verbs.

 Action word Charades

This is a skill boosting game that can help students learn the differences between nouns and verbs. All you need are a pile of blank index cards, pencils and a few helpers.

Pre requisite knowledge:  Definition of verb


Group the children into 2 different teams. Assign a helper to each team. The game goes like this: A player from team 1 is chosen to pick a verb which is handed over to a player in team 2. The player from team 2 has to read the word and act it out to his/her team mates. Then all the other team members have to guess the action-word. The aim is to guess as many verbs as possible. The team with most successful guesses wins. What better way to show your love than a self-made greeting card? Use this activity to engage your child to create a fall apple note card. Use it for an occasion or to brighten up someone’s day! Just get some blank note cards, red paint, paper plate, paint brush, brown marker, a green stamp pad and you are ready.


Put some paint onto the paper plate. Spread it around with the brush. Dip your child’s palm in the paint. Help him press out his hand onto the bottom of the card. Next, stick your child’s finger in the green stamp pad to make to apple leaves in the same way. Later on, a stem can be added with brown marker. On the completed card, make your child write a sweet note to a loved one. This will make a sweet gift for anyone.

Pretentious Biographies

Let your child’s imaginations go wild with this amusing activity. Before beginning, collect pictures of random people and paste them on separate blank sheets. Beside the photo, write down 4 headings; Name, Job, Hobby and Place.


Hand out the pictures to all the children. The children should now form stories for each person in the images. Let them do this many number of times and form an even bigger story with all of the characters. The finished stories can then be read out or written onto journals.

Chain story

Encourage the spirit of teamwork in your young ones with this exciting activity. You can start by gathering all the children into a sitting circle.


Each player has to contribute a word in order to create the story. Pick a random kid to begin with and the game moves on towards his right. After all members have uttered a word, the story formed can be read out by the whole team. Players can also write down the words themselves on paper which can be passed around.

Don’t just stick to traditional ideas. Experiment and bring out your imagination to create more activities that will encourage your young ones to learn more and have fun at the same time.