A better way to Tackle Bullying

I am a teacher with over 20 years experience and I am most concerned about the prevalence of schoolyard bullying. Not a week goes by when I don’t see incidents of bullying with my own eyes or read about it in the media. It is getting worse not better! I have found that the best thing to do to try and stop bullying is to talk about it and to talk about strategies to try and prevent it happening.

The worst thing a teacher can do however is to talk about bullying in a “preachy” way because kids just switch off and think that the behaviors you are talking about do not belong to them.

I have found a brilliant discussion starter resource brilliant anti-bullying discussion starter resource for younger children! for younger children. It is a story by a Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite and the story he has written is available online as an e-book and I would like to direct other educators toward this resource as well because I believe it is a very effective way to tackle this problem.

The story talks first of all about having a positive “I will not be easily bullied” attitude and then it models the way the main character handles the different types of bullying characters he meets in his journeys. I have paraphrased the article below that appeared in our regional newspaper regarding this book.
Australian author Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite has children’s picture e-book containing significant anti-bullying and self-esteem messages published by New York based Eloquent Books.

After receiving great editorial reviews regarding the positive content and its lively and entertaining writing style “The Adventures of Hiram B. Bat.” has finally been published in e-book format by the highly regarded publishing company Eloquent Books.
“It is a story I wrote some 18 years ago and that I had been trying to have published ever since. But Australian publishers are extremely reluctant to give an untried author a go.” said the story’s author. “I am just glad to have my story out there because its messages of positivism, enthusiasm for life and willingness to stand up for oneself are more relevant today than ever before.”

I honestly believe that one day this book may rank alongside great motivational type stories such as “The Little Red Engine That Could.” To find this story if you want to see what I’m raving about search for Eloquent Books then do an author search for Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite.