A Face of Society

A teacher, a parent and sometimes a religious leader are possibly the most important characters in any society. They are actually people who are pillars of a society. As is common knowledge, a building that lies on a firm foundation stands the test of time, so does a society that was guided well in its foundation overcome the trials of the world.

Why will the greatest leaders of the modern society attribute their success to the foundation they got from teachers? Why is it that when the society becomes rotten, the first finger is pointed at teachers? Well, the position of a teacher is very important and should be treated with care.

To further show the importance of a teacher in any part of the world, the United Nation Organization and most countries constitution regard the right to education as a right to everyone. It therefore means everyone should at least be handled by a teacher.

Impartiality is a virtue that teachers should portray while dealing with students. The ages at which students are handled by teachers are their discovery ages. It is a period when each would want to be assured of his importance as a human being. To ensure that students are assured of their future, teachers have to be impartial. It is disheartening to find that some teachers favour some students in executing their duties. A student who finds himself or herself being discriminated against will lose self confidence. Some of the most heinous acts in the world today emanate from the student days when one was discriminated and lost the meaning of self worth. Would you as a teacher be ready to accept responsibility for a mistake you did for being partial in handling student?

A teacher should ensure he embraces diversity. He should encourage students to develop their different talents always. Students are in a state where they do not realise the potential in the talents they have. Teachers have knowledge and should be ready to assist students build up their potential. It is only when this is done that the society can be assured to be supplied with competent personnel that can handle almost any problem.

A teacher should also excellently handle their topics well. This can be acquired through determination, hard work and commitment. The world today has complained of being supplied with half baked personnel who fail to handle situations. Teachers should be aware that whatever they offer to any of their student will determine his future performance. It should be a responsibility of every teacher to know that he form a component of a student’s life and this can only be achieved in what he is offered in school.

In conclusion, a nation can develop or stagnate because of the characteristics of teachers they have at a particular period in time. Although a person will be handled by different teachers in his educational life, every teacher has an impact of what the student becomes. Every teacher should therefore be well aware of his contribution towards shaping of a society.