A Students Guide to the Real World

I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in psychology and through this class I explored everything from human interaction to human motivation to behavioral disorders. Even after sitting through five other meticulous classes, I always found enough energy and inspiration to fully emerge myself in the material being taught. I believe that everyone should try to understand one another, view a perspective outside of his own, and think about his actions before proceeding with them. With basic knowledge of psychology, a society could have the potential of achieving equality, peace, and harmony.
Judgment influences how people interact with each other and the way society functions. Many people pass judgment too quickly, make inaccurate assumptions about people they meet, and give up the opportunity to create a lasting relationship. This is especially true in high school when everyone is trying to form his own identity and impress others. High school is a vicious world, and it can deeply affect how a person grows up to be. If everyone in high school would have the opportunity to take psychology, he or she would gain a greater understanding of themselves and each other, and provide a greater acceptance of diversity.
Throughout one’s whole life, psychological experiences play a major role. Not only in high school are people harsh in judgment at first glance. In the professional world, judgment is always one of the dominant determining factors of one’s success. One’s actions or relationships with his working community can determine one’s status in his career. No matter what career one is immersed in, there will always be a dependence of other people, contact with other people, and a need to understand how to relate to people. For example, a teacher cannot only know how to teach, but must also have an understanding of how to obtain the student’s attention, how to relate to the students, how the students will learn best, and how to discipline the students. In a person’s social life and personal life, he or she needs to comprehend the general psychological patterns that people go through in order to make a deep connection with others. I believe that I am friends with the people I am friends with because we share common interests, we place ourselves in each others’ shoes, and try to make each other better people. A few of the best moments in my life have been when I have looked into the eyes of someone close to me, not had to explain myself, and been completely understood. This past winter I experienced a traumatic event with a couple of my friends, when we saw a person almost lose his life in front of our eyes in a matter of seconds. We had cried and held each other, and did not have to speak a word to know what was going through each others’ minds. Each of us were psychologically affected by this event, and we needed each others’ support to overcome it.
Studying the science of how the mind works played a key role in understanding most of my experiences and relationships. The study of Psychology has guided me, helped me find solutions, and improved my outlook in life.