A Summer Book List you Won’t Forget

We all know that summer can be boring for some high school students, but for the ones that love to read it doesn’t have to be that boring.  There are many teen books out there waiting to be read.  There are many great authors out there that are waiting on you to read their books. I recommend that many teens read books from the following authors:

Sharon M. Draper – She is a fantastic writer for teen books.  She writes realistic fiction for all teens.  Her books send a powerful message out to teenagers who are in the same situation as the teens in her book.  Many of her books deal with situations like death, teen pregnancy and, of course, high school drama. Sharon Draper has won the Coretta Scott King Award for many of her literary works.

Walter Dean Meyers – He also provides books about the teen experience.  He’s written books like “Dope Sick” and “Monster”.  The books he’s written send a message to all teens that run the “streets”.  You will catch a thrill with some of the things you read in his literary works.

Paul Langan – Langan writes books for the “Bluford Series”.  The Bluford Series revolves around a school called Bluford High.  After reading one book from the series, it will have you craving to read more.  This action-packed, drama-filled series is a must read!

Orca Soundings – These are short novels written by various authors.  Some of the authors are teachers; others are just regular authors.  These books provide great stories for the average teenager.  I’ve read a lot of books from the Orca Soundings Publishers.  I recommend that you read “Crush”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Death Wind”, and many other novels from the Orca Soundings series.

I recommend that students read these books because it’s a real-life experience provided through words.  These books can help teens realize what they have, and what can go wrong in this continuously-changing world.  Letting a teen read a book like “Tears of a Tiger” by Sharon Draper can bring some of them to tears as they find out a young man kills his best friend in a car accident.  Many of these books provide a moral like any other novel or fairytale, but these morals are more powerful than ever.  Once you pick up a book by one of these great authors, it will be hard to even put it back down.  Try these books to make your summer INTERESTING!