A Summer Reading List

Ah the summer reading projects, kids hate them but they have to be done right? When choosing a book for the summer, immediately look at the ones that catch your eye, what person wants to read something that looks completely dreadful? Obviously the great authors are the best choices. If you’re not a fan of classics look for more modern things if you’re more of a modern reader.

While there are millions of books in the world, some will benefit you more than others. For example, William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caeser” which shows many cases of betrayal. While the book is one of violence, this work of his is sure to teach you some new words for writing those essays the next year. After all, he is the inventor of hundreds of the words we use today. This is a great book for someone who enjoys a bit of violence. While the ones who prefer a romance can check out “Romeo and Juliet” which is a beautiful yet tragic romance.

Anything from Charles Dickens is bound to be brilliant, the best example would be “Great Expectations” which is about a young boy is trying to find his way in the world. This book shows off unbelievable imagery which is sure to benefit your ability to describe how lovely, rigid, hideous, or colorful something is. Like I stated before, Anything by this man is sheer brilliance, you can never go wrong with Dickens.

Homer is also a great writer, while some might be turned away because he dates back to BC, his masterpiece, the “Illiad,” is not one to be passed up. Like Shakespeare, he will, without fail, increase your vocabulary extensively. While you can read the “Illiad,” there is also the “Odyssey,” which should be considered before you make your final selection. The “Illiad” is about a great war and the “Odyssey” is about a great journey, whichever suits you. Both of these books are centered towards Greek Mythology if you’re especially interested in that you should definitely give them a whirl.

“The Scarlet Letter” was written in 1850 by Nathaniel Hawthorne, who is a fantastic author. This book follows a woman named Hester being forced to wear an A on her clothing which symbolizes adultery. For anyone who loves a romantic drama, this is not to be missed. This book will definitely increase your ability to increase suspense and help to add drama in a short-story assignment.

Books like those mentioned before are perfect for a summer list, really anything by them is. The authors are very diverse which will guarantee satisfaction for every student. A summer reading list can be different every year and will keep getting more and more diverse. Maybe next year you’ll see “The Scarlet Letter” on your list or “The Grapes of Wrath.” Really, you can never go wrong with a book if you stick to your preferences.