Academic Failure and Bullying – Yes

I have never known of a colleague with academic excellence to bully someone. Even though there are several examples of students who bully that are performing well in school, the majority of the cases tell otherwise. If it were analyzed yet a little closer, the issue would reveal yet another convincing argument. Most students who are bullied are that of high excellence in school work. They are said to be “nerds”. How come it is usually the smart kid that is bullied? Why is it usually the weaker performing kid that is doing the bullying?

It may be an issue of jealousy, though it may not be apparent to the person bullying. Those who are struggling or who don’t care are bothered by seeing individuals who do care and who have a good future awaiting them. To balance the issue, a bully will choose one smarter yet weaker than him or her, and bother that individual. That way, the bully will have the shallow satisfaction of showing strength and superiority to the bullied student. In the bully’s mind, he/she has brought down someone who is stronger than him/her academically. This allows the bully to believe that he is, in fact, greater than the bullied individual due to the apparent and visible strength used upon the weaker, yet smarter kid.

Bullies have allowed themselves a way to elevate their current position to dominance over a person that has something the bullies don’t have. Success on the part of a studious, well-performing student is a safeguard to such drastic measures as picking on other students. Of course, it does still happen, but it’s less frequent and usually for other motives not including academic failure. The inverse of the situation allows us to see that a bully picks on people for a reason. One of those reasons is jealousy, or maybe even low self-esteem. Successful students don’t bully because they have no personal satisfaction of putting someone down when they are already at a superior position. It is sad, but it is, in many cases, true.

Academic failure doesn’t just happen because the person failing is stupid. There are several reasons that could affect the low performance of the individual. Lack of motivation, hopelessness and not studying may be some negative character traits of an unsuccessful student. If a student, however, does study and is hopeful, and begins to have success, the feeling that they experience could be enough to hold them back from continuing the practice of bullying others. Once a person realizes that they can do amazing things and be successful if they actually try, then they will have that gratifying satisfaction of being someone that is capable, smart, and superior. Bullies crave for those feelings, so they try to acheive them. But they take the wrong route to do so.