Academic Research Writing

The best way to earn extra cash at the comfort of your own home is through online freelance writing. Online writing jobs have helped a lot of Kenyan youths start successful businesses or pay for school fees. Academic research writing (essay writing) is the booming online job among youths who are still in school or those who have just completed undergraduate studies.

Freelance writers know that the best way to attract clients is to sell their quality services. If a person desires to be a qualified full-time online freelance writer, then one needs to be paid. Writers who are starving and broke every time are not close to the definition of freelancers. Most Kenyan online freelance writers who specialize in academic research writing started with the little knowledge they acquired from universities or colleges. These writers were taught the format of a research paper which has the following in the correct order: abstract, introduction, literature review, conclusion and lastly, reference.

There are different styles of writing when it applies to academic research writing, namely: American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago, Harvard and Turabian. These styles differ in citations and also referencing and this is in accordance to the set standards of writing.

The quality of a research paper or essay is very important because it paves way for reliable habitual clients and more money in the account. Online freelance academic research writing has a couple of fine points that attract the Kenyan youths. Entry into online academic research websites is absolutely free. Anyone who has the format of an essay on the figure tips can be declared an academic writer among the Kenya youths. The only issue here that pulls Kenyan online writers back is quality of the research essays. Grammar and spellings are often neglected and this simple fact has led to freelance writers losing their online accounts in the essay websites.

 “Online account registration for academic research writer is simple and takes almost three hours or two days depending on the website”, says Daniel Kimotho, a full-time accountant (Broadways in Thika) and part time online academic freelance writer.

The first thing a budding freelance writer should know about online account registration is that it is free but it is an exam. The examination is online and some websites give a total of three hours for the completion of an aptitude test and an essay. Some websites give two to three days for one aptitude and two or three essays. There are few websites that allow the applicant to send a sample of an essay previously written by the applicant. Most sites want to know how talented and fast a writer is and that is why most examinations are online and within a given period of time.

The second part of online registration is where the writer selects how the payment should be made. Kenya allows wire transfer and Western Union on a monthly basis to be used as mode of payment. It is however not advisable for budding writers to trust websites that have two or three employees as writers because some con artists take the bank account information given by applicants to freeze the accounts. Cases of identity theft have also been heard when website owners request applicants to produce a copy of their original National Identity Cards and a pass-port size photo. The only requirements for legal online account registration are full names, country of residence, mobile or telephone numbers, email and mail addresses. The bank account number and the bank information are important requirements on how the payment can be wired into the writers account.

One of the most important things in research academic writing is avoiding plagiarism at all costs and editing an essay before submission. Low quality essays often end up being sent back to the writer for revision and this consumes a lot of time for the writer. Simple coherent English enables a writer who is not a Harvard scholar with little experience to earn a lot of money. Avoiding plagiarism is simple because websites have been created to detect plagiarism in an essay. The simple way to be a successful academic research writer is to understand and have the knowledge of different search engines (Google, PubMed, Yahoo e.t.c) for different academic essays.

Academic research writers earn a lot of money as compared to content or article writers in online freelance writing jobs. An essay can cost $19 a page (275 words) while articles cost $5 per 500 words. Essay writing is very educative and interesting because a person gets the chance to learn about a lot of things in different fields of study. Essentially, freelance writers are paid for the speed of essay delivery and clarity or intelligibility of writing. The pay from academic essay writing is according to the performance of the writer in terms of speed of essay delivery and quality of the work.

 “The pay I get from freelance writing is almost equal to my full-time job. It has helped me to pay practically my everyday bills and save my regular job’s salary, which I hope to enrol in a masters’ degree program with,” says Daniel Kimotho.

 Freelance writing is tremendous in the sense that a person can work as a part-time writer and have a regular job or as a full-time writer. A freelancer can also live anywhere in the world where there is a computer and internet. A freelance writer has less expenditure in terms of transport to work because the writer works at the comfort of his or her home. A Kenyan freelance academic writer can also go on a vacation at any time of the year because freelance writing is not as demanding as a 9a.m to 5p.m regular job.