ADHD Study Tips Study Cards for Learning Disabled Kids

Children with ADHD have difficulty focusing on their studies in school. In general, children with ADHD are very bright individuals. They just need a little nudge in the right direction. A wonderful way to help them boost their brainpower and improve study habits is to provide them with study cards.

Study cards are flashcards, notes, and other simple learning aids that can be beneficial for the child. These cards will help remind the child of the subjects that they have learned. They will also help teach them new things. They can be bought at most stores or can be made at home and in school.

Making cards can help enforce what the child has learned and make things fun also. All that is needed is some index cards or durable construction paper, lessons, and writing utensils to create. A child and an adult can create these cards together, discussing the subjects as they go.

Cards can be personalized to suit the child’s needs. They can range in grade level and experience. The child can color them or write abbreviations, poems, and songs that will increase their studying skills and ability to remember.

Learning cards can hold anything that brain does. They can even be made as study aids for tests with questions on one side and answers on the others or tips to help the child prepare for upcoming tests. Any subject that is important in the child’s learning process can be used as the basis for study cards.

Math study cards can help a child better understand numbers. Division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and fractions can all be made simpler through cards. Start easy with simple problems and work up to the harder problems. As the education level increases, so can the difficulty of the cards.

Language study cards can make words seems less confusing. Common types of cards in this subject are those that teach the alphabet and sounds. Cards can also be designed for harder language lessons. They can be used for words that are alike but spelled differently, definitions, vocabulary comprehension, types of sentences, and writing tips.

Reading cards can help the child increase their comprehension skills. They can be used to explain story plots and key ideas in books. They can also be customized to explain each character and their importance in the story.

Science study cards reinforce knowledge on a variety of scientific levels. Cards can be used to breakdown the periodic tables, list elements, and classifications on many levels. They can even be used for science projects and notes.

Social studies and history cards can help a child travel through time in their mind. Separate cards can be used for Native American tribes and important characters in history. They can also be made into mini booklets to break down different chapters and periods throughout time.

Geography cards help a child learn their place on the map. A geography card can be designed for individual states and key ideas. They can also be used to represent important crops, people, and facts from areas across the globe.

When it comes to study cards, there is no limit to what a child can create and learn. Knowledge is power. Study cards can prove it and help reinforce lessons that will be valuable to the child in the long run.