Administrator Tips why Attending School Functions is Important

Going to school functions can be a hassle for some administrators. After all, there are a large number of events during the school year, and the administrator may have a hard time choosing the events that are most crucial. This can include sports games, concerts, rallies, workshops, conferences, and social events. After a long day at the office, many administrators would probably like to go home and just relax a bit. However, the school is a busy place and there is typically something going on. There is value when the administrator chooses to attend a school function. Here are a few thoughts for administrators on why this is important.


Attending school functions is sometimes about “presence”. In general terms this means that it is good for people to see that an administrator is there. Sometimes this conveys to people that the administrator is “supporting” the function. Other times it may suggest to someone that the administrator feels compelled to oversee the event. Sometimes the administrator themselves are motivated by either or both of those two possibilities. There are times when attending an event is a “political” strategy and this is why sometimes the administrator will put in a “cameo” appearance, which means that they show up, get seen, and then slip out when not very many people are paying attention.


Sometimes attending school functions is valuable because it gives an administrator insight into a particular program or division. When administrators make budgetary, policy, or calendar decisions about various events and programs, it does help to have some sense of what might go on and what is required in order to facilitate the function. Therefore, attending functions is a way for the administrator to educate themselves a bit further on certain school functions.


Finally, attendance at school functions is one way that an administrator can reciprocally expect support for teachers and other staff. In other words, the administrator often has to ask people to do certain things throughout the school year. Those people may not be that enthused about participating, but when the administrator has supported their particular function, they may feel more compelled to “return the favor.”

Overall, attending events is an opportunity for the administrator to stay “connected” to a broader range of school functions. Sometimes administrators get the reputation of staying in the offices and never venturing out. By attending school functions, they can hopefully debunk this belief, and show people that they are involved in the overall school experience.