Aims Testing for High School Graduation

Some questions that might appear in students and their parents in high schools would be, what is needed for my student to graduate high school? Well, in Arizona high school students are required to take the AIMS (Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards) exam in order to receive their high school diploma. Since this new change for Arizona high school students, teachers are more focused on what is covered on the AIMS test rather than the lesson plans of previous years. The three parts to the AIMS test are writing, reading, and math. An additional section for AIMS for the coming years could possibly be Science.

For the AIMS writing test, students are given a topic to write about. Some of the types of formats are business letter, short story, or a five paragraph essay. Within these formats you must include the topic given. Some useful hints for the AIMS writing are to always:
1. stay on topic
2. plan on the space provided
3. write a rough draft that is edited upon completion
4. make the final draft legible

For the AIMS reading test, students are given a test booklet which contains many passages about various topics. After reading each passage there is a series of questions to answer about the passage that students had just read about. On the AIMS test, at least one or two of the answers can be automatically discarded as being the right answer. Students must choose the answer that most applies to the question that was just asked.

For the AIMS math test students are given questions relating to both algebra and biology. On the AIMS math test there are half algebra questions and half geometry. For the students that were either held back in algebra and/or are still in algebra will have a hard time passing the AIMS math test.

This year all around the state of Arizona, students are not required, but it is asked of them to take part in the science part of the AIMS test. This years science part of the AIMS test is just a test to see how well students do and what changes need to be made not only to the lesson plans and requirements but also what needs to be changed on the test. Therefore this years science part will have a very broad range of questions from simple science to biology. Although after this year the school board of Arizona will either not have students take the science part of the AIMS test at all, or it will be mandatory that all students must pass the science AIMS test.