Alternative Punishments to Suspension for serious School Offenses

Disruptions are a part of any school. Some classroom disruptions are minor while others are more serious. Minor classroom disruptions include eating in class, chewing gum, or talking during lecture. Major offenses can include fighting, using profanity, and refusing to comply with classroom rules. Most major offenses result in out-of-school suspensions. The problem with school suspension is that it takes the student out of the classroom and the learning process. There are alternatives to suspensions.

Parents in class

One way to punish a student for a major offense without suspending them is to have the student’s parent attend class with him or her. It has been proven that students whose parents are involved in their education do better in school, and they tend to behave better. Also, some students will find having their parent attend classes with them embarrassing, and as a result, they will behave better in school. So, instead of send the student home for a serious offense, have the student’s parent attend classes with them.

Community service

Instead of sending the student home, a school official can require a student to perform a set number of community service hours. Community service is the similar to volunteer work. Community service work can provide the student with an opportunity to give back to the community, to learn work ethics, to learn how to handle responsibility, and to demonstrate behavioral management skills.

Work detail

Students who are not assigned community service can be assigned work detail at the school. The principal can assign a student a job to complete around the school like helping serve food in the cafeteria or planting shrubs around the school instead of suspending them.

After school

Students who cannot seem to behave during the regular school day can be assigned to after-school classes. These classes are similar to those the student would attend during the day, only they would be held in the evening time. After school classes would also keep the student officially in school but away from the other students.

In-school suspension

Another option for students who have committed serious school offenses is in-school suspension. This option allows the student to keep the same school day schedule. However, instead of going to his or her regular classes, the student would attend a separate class. In-school suspension classes are stricter. And, students who are assigned to in-school don’t have the same privileges that regular students do.

Major student offenses often result in the suspension of the offending student. There are alternatives to out-of-school suspension. The alternatives listed above provide an effective means of punishing the student while helping to keep him or her in school.