AP Classes

Most high schools, if not all, offer advanced placement classes.  Obviously, some are more prestigious than others, depending on which school they are offered at.  The AP class idea can have positives and negatives.  This article will focus on both the pros and cons of AP classes in high school.

One of the pros to advanced placement classes is that the colleges will recognize this as more of a positive for accepting admissions.  Advanced placement students that do well will tend to do better in college than a student that did not have AP classes.  The reason is the level of difficulty is higher and if a student can do well with challenges in high school, than they can probably do well with challenges at the university level.

A negative to AP classes in high school is the fact that they make a student work harder and take more recreation time away from them.  There are not many students that can play sports and take AP classes at the same time.  Although some would agree that education should be a higher priority than sports, there are also some that would agree that a good balance is always called for.  This is one of the negatives to AP classes in high school.

Advanced placement classes in high school allow a student to shine to their parents.  Every parent is proud of their child, or at least should be.  However, the parent of the child in AP classes tends to have more to be proud of because of the challenges that the child is taking on.  This isn’t always true, but in most cases, a parent feels this way towards the child being in AP classes.

One of the cons to a child taking an AP class in high school is that they might feel too proud and feel like they are better than the other students.  This is not the proper attitude that they should have, and should be guarded against by the child.  The parents should be in control of this type of attitude.

Not many people would take the opinion that AP classes in high school are bad.  However, there are always some hidden negatives that are not seen that should be considered as well.  These pros and cons will allow the children and parents to choose whether or not they will try for AP classes.