Are we Prejudiced towards Pregnant Teens being in School

There was a time that a pregnant girl would have to drop out of school because the school board would not allow them to stay. It definitely was a prejudicial thing at that time. A sin had been commited, and she would be showing before long. It wouldn’t look good.

The world needs to wake up, and accept the fact that just because a teenage student isn’t pregnant, doesn’t mean she isn’t having sex. She’s just one of the lucky ones that hasn’t got caught yet!

I would far rather see them get their education, than not have a way to raise their baby after it’s born. I don’t feel that it’s right to isolate them because of their pregnancy either. You’re only adding more shame to what they already feel.

There are far worse things in this world than getting pregnant. It’s not right, but they could be into drugs, marijuana, cocaine, even crystal meth. They could be drinking or spreading STD’s to every contact they have. Or this pregnancy may be from a one night thing. What’s even worse, is if they were using or drinking during their pregnancy.

Kick them out of school and see which route they take. They are going to turn to anyone who will help them. You know yourself, that isn’t always a good thing. Think of where they may wind up if they’re put out on their own. They are still children, and they need an education. They need to know that someone cares.

Teenagers are definitely hormonal at this age, but does one slip up have to ruin their life, and the unborn child they carry? Our teens are too young to be adults, and too old to be kids. They’re caught in a whirlwind all their own. They have the need to experiment in their own ways. At least they think they do, to fit into the crowds.

Our teenagers are in a crisis time in their lives. They need our help, not our condemnation. How many of you were pure when you got married? Be honest about it. If they’re forced to quit high school, they may never go back. What kind of a start does that give a baby, if the mother decides to keep the child.

Pregnant teens need an education just as much as anyone else, and she shouldn’t be forced out, because she made a mistake. Mistakes are made everyday, but God still has a plan for every child He creates. These babies are His children.

I was married when I had my children but I didn’t graduate from highschool, so when I wound up raising my three children by myself, you have no idea how hard it was. If I had had an education, maybe I could have found a job that paid more than minimum wage.

Sometimes our children seem too young to be having children, but let’s face facts, it happens. They already have the weight of the world on their shoulders, let’s not add to it by kicking them out of school. Give them a chance and see where it takes them. If they are willing to go on and graduate, God Bless them. They are doing the right thing.

They will have a better chance and so will the baby if the mother chooses to keep him/her. My granddaughter not only finished highschool being pregnant, she went on to graduate from Nursing school while carrying her second one. By then she was married. What I’m saying is this, she was given a chance when she had our little “OOPS”. She went on to get her RN license. Now she has a future at a job where she can care for, and love people. That’s who she is.

The schools are a lot more lenient than they use to be. I’ve known many a young girl give birth just before graduation, or right after. Most of them kept their babies. The parents helped out, and the little mom went on to college. They just need a chance. Everybody needs a chance once in a while.

I know of a young girl who is expecting to deliver in July, and she still has her senior year to go. She has her parents behind her, so she wants to keep her baby, and still go on to college after her senior year. Her family is there for her so she is one of the few that has a chance.

A lot of these girls are disowned for doing wrong. The parents either don’t want any part of the pregnant teen, or they want her to abort her baby. If she has the baby, they want to adopt it out.

I’ve also seen parents that melted at the sight of that new born baby, and they raised the baby themselves. My father was one who did that. He stood his ground with my sister, until the baby was born. I found him looking in the nursery window with tears rolling down his face. All they need is a chance, and an education.