Are we Prejudiced towards Pregnant Teens being in School

I have heard asked, “Are we prejudiced towards pregnant teens being in school?” However, this question is puzzling, as if we are prejudiced ‘towards’ something, than we are against those that are not part of that group. We can also be prejudiced ‘against’, which is what I believe the questioner really asks.

When the teenage years hit, children have a very wide range of maturity. Some children seem to be considered mature as young as 13 or 14, whereas others may seem immature at the age of 18 (though I am considerably older and very immature sometimes).

We must recognize, that even though our children may seem mature, they are still very vulnerable to outside influences, especially peer pressure. If something happens, and a pregnancy occurs, the first question many parents ask is, “How could you?” and “What will people think?”

These are the worst questions to ask, and are completely wrong. Our children are our responsibility, and though a pregnant child is more our fault than their’s, who are we to heap hay on the hot embers?

At a time when our daughters need us the most, we must be there for them, not against them. Too many parents forget that they have a wonderful person for a daughter. A person who has been brought up from birth to be the child that their parents made them.

A teenage pregnancy isn’t the end of the world, but it could be the end of hers. Show her you care.