Are we Prejudiced towards Pregnant Teens being in School

When you see a pregnant teen one of the first things you do is judge her. You judge her by her appearance and her age assuming that she made a terrible mistake. Most people think that as a pregnant teen the girl has already had enough problems. Most do not grudge pregnant teens an education. It is most teens who decide to stop attending school. These choices are made for various reasons.

Peers may indeed be prejudiced toward a pregnant student but most adults understand the need of an education. Peers may attempt to get teens to drop out by being less than kind. Pregnant teens are often left to defend themselves in their local schools. While parents and teachers are most often encouraging the teen to continue their education their peers are encouraging them not to.

Some few cases may leave parents feeling ashamed of their teen. Cases like this may lead to the parents wanting to keep the teen home and out of sight of friends and neighbors. The parents are not prejudiced toward school they are prejudiced to their own child’s appearance and condition. They still want their child to get an education but they often choose to do so at home instead of in a public or private school system.

Reality is that many times the teen chooses to drop out of school because of the feeling of being ashamed, confused, and scared. It is hard to face peers that may or may not any longer accept you. It also becomes hard to keep up grades and honors with so much stress on both your mind and body. Many teens get tired of trying and simply give up because they feel no one supports them in their efforts anymore. Parents are also easily persuaded at this point and may allow the teen to do and make decisions they normally would not.

Though most people are not prejudiced toward pregnant teens in school some are. A teen should not be judged in school because of being pregnant but sometimes it happens. Most pregnant teens have already lost enough of their childhood. I do not feel it is right to further harm her by not wanting her to get the best education she can. She is no different than any other girl and deserves the education she is entitled to. She is going to need a solid foundation to provide for new life in the near future. The obvious is a mistake was made on the teens part but that mistake does not and should not reflect on her ability to get a good education. We all make mistakes. Encourage pregnant teens to stay in school to better prepare for not only their lives but that of their childs as well. The choice is entirely up to you. Do the right thing support her not discourage her.