Are we Prejudiced towards Pregnant Teens being in School

Unfortunately, in the States there most certainly is that unwritten rule of "You Show, You Go" for pregnant high-schoolers.

I say unwritten because most schools do not have an actual, legal policy enforcing this rule. Rather, school officials have the idea that "Pregnancy is catching," and so exert pressure (not so subtle at times) on the girl and her family to have her withdraw from school before she shows.

Obviously, this affects her education. Some girls opt to return to a "continuation school" with on-premise child-care; others for home school. In some cases, family and friends watch the baby while the girl returns to her original high-school. This last scenario is not the norm, though, as "regular" high schools make it quite difficult for the new mother to make up her missed courses and maintain her "scheduled" grade level.

This "You show, you go" attitude also affects the social development of these girls. By "expelling" them from the normal school experience, policy makers and school officials separate her from her peers – she is outcast, a harlot, an example of what not to be. More than that, she becomes a "FAILURE" for her inability to not get pregnant!

Overall, this unwritten policy affects all aspects of the girl’s life negatively and unnecessarily. If only she got pregnant her first semester in college rather than her senior year! Then she could simply take a break from classes, join the ever-growing ranks of mother’s getting viable degrees so they can join the work force and help support their families, even- in some cases- bring the newborn to the remainder of the semester’s classes!

When the outcomes are compared – MOST CERTAINLY – WE ARE PREJUDICED!