Astronomy Science Fair Ideas

Astronomy is a fantastic and exciting subject to create a science project for.  The number of projects or ideas around are almost as infinite as the universe itself. Astronomy is one of the most popular sciences with most newspapers or media happy to publish latest findings and discoveries.

So when you’re thinking astronomy ideas what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The telescope of course!  You could describe and build your own working telescope. You may not be Galileo but you would be surprised by the number of  people interested to know about the inner workings of the humble telescope. There are many websites available that can give step by step instructions and a list of everyday objects you will need.  For example – Gives easy step by step instructions on building a simple telescope.

Another possibility would be to make and describe the workings of a sundial. Don’t let yourself think that this idea has been done too many times before.  What probably first pops into your mind is the more common horizontal sundial, but there are many other dials which make use of the suns rays to tell the time, so why not make a different type? There are a several less known sundials such as The Diptych Dial, Equatorial Dial or the Equiangular dial.  Full step by step instructions and pictures can be found on

Some other popular astronomy science ideas 

1. Build a model of the solar system.

2. Show how you can view the sun safely, using special optical filters or projection. 

3. Count sunspots on an image of the sun by building a pinhole projector. 

4. Find the centre of the milky way using Globular star clusters.

5. Measure the diameter of the sun or the moon using simple tools.

6. Measuring skyglow with a digital camera.

7. Calculate the circumference of the earth.

8. Design a model that explains the different phases of the moon.

9. Determine the temperature of the sun. 

10. Create model craters similar to those found on the moon or earth.

There are literally hundreds of different ideas out there, whether you are looking to do something simple or out to tackle a more challenging project. Don’t forget to always be creative and pick a topic you like, and don’t be afraid to try make your project unique.