Back to School Classroom Decorating Ideas for Teachers

I am not a teacher, yet I am a parent and a former student that specialized in trying to be the teachers pet. I was the volunteer that would clean the chalk board and erasers or what ever else the teacher might need. When I first read this subject, I didn’t know if I had enough experience to be creative to suggest an idea that would benefit the classroom. After discussing it with my son and his friends we collectively had a list of ideas to share.

The first idea we came up with would require the classroom to help, a small poster from, each student to demonstrate what they did on their summer vacation, upon completion of this project have each student do a show and tell explaining the content of their poster. Than display the poster in the classroom walls.

The next idea we came up with was a geography lesson, where there would be a picture about each state, than when the class resumes give your students a test to see who could identify the most states, for example Mount Rushmore for South Dakota, the Redwood Trees of California, New Orleans for Louisiana, the Alamo for Texas, Pearl Harbor for Hawaii, the Brooklyn Bridge and other notable landmarks.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader, questions from the on line show with the answers on the back, have the students each read the questions with a multiple choice, separate the class room into sections and have some fun, than each night have the students bring in their own question and answers.

Have each student bring in a picture of them when they were a baby, and than one of them currently from the summer vacation, have the students match the photos to see if they can identify their classmates. Teachers can join in the fun and include their “before and after” photos, than leave the pictures up for awhile, you’ll be surprised how students will be curious about each other.

How about schools around the world, set up pictures of the same year class from India, Sweden, France, Poland, Iran, Africa, Australia and so on, see if the students can name the country they are associated with and how many they can guess. Classroom decorations should involve the students and havbe some fun. How about photos of the teacher and their summer vacation and the things that they did all summer long, bring a little personal side to the classroom, let your students know that you have interests and that you are also a person that does “neat” things.