Back to School Decorating Ideas for Teachers

While parents may decorate the house, such as building a storage unit for backpacks and providing enough lighting for the study area, to desing a space for maximun concentration and study, you, thr teacher can decorate your classrooms also. This helps the students get used to and even being in you class. The first thing is to consider is how you arrange your classroom. You have to see the vision in your head of how you want your classroom to look. Then you have to start planning. This takes time and you should work on the plan during the summer vacation. These tips will give you creative ideas to prepare for the new year.

The first thing is to consider the seating arrangement. While most classrooms have desks arranged in a line for classroom instruction, try this arrangement for your classroom. Setting aside different areas in your classroom for different activities. This method allows students to work on different tasks and will not interrupt the others in the class. Use one corner of the classroom for quiet activities, such as reading and doing homework. Use the other corner for other students who are involved in projects where two or more students work together. They have an area where they can talk quietly. Put any reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias in the back of the classroom. Students in both corners can use the reference section for their class work and projects. They are set apart from each other where the students quietly talking about projects will not disturb the ones working on quiet activities.

Make use of the bulletin boards in your classroom. Before the students return to school, plan on what you want to use the bulletin board for. For example, to keep the students interested, you will want to change the theme often. Plan what types of themes you want to use throughout the year. The themes can range anywhere from holidays to subjects your class is studying. While you want to keep the class interested in bulletin boards, it is also important to get them involved in the school spirit. Decorate the bulletin board in your school’s colors. The bulletin board can be decorated with different colored scraps of fabric or paper. However, wait until the students return back to school before starting on this project. You will want them involved in decorating it and deciding on the themes.

Have a bright and colorful posterboard. Display your students name of them. You can have each student paint thier hands with fingerpaint; they can put their handprints on the posterboard.Throughout the year, you can display their work, such as artwork and writing.

It is also very important to have an organized classroom. When books are scattered randomly around the room and supplies are hard to find, this hinders the abilities of the students. It is one thing when you have an area of the classroom set aside for arts and crafts projects. However, for research and other projects, it is important to be as organized as possible. The students must be able to find what they need easily. The first thing is to have a closet with hooks where they can hang their coats and backpacks. Provide cubbies where they can put supplies such as pens and notebooks, when they are not using them. Have the books neatly stacked on the bookshelves. Encourae your students to put books back when they are done using them.

Finally, make sure there is adequate lighting in the room. This not only provides protection for their eyesight, it also creates a good studying and working environment for the students.

By following these simple decorating ideas, your students will have a productive year in your classroom. Be creative when decorating your classroom.