Back to School Teacher Elementary Classroom Decorating Fun Education

With school starting back soon many teachers are scrambling to decorate their classrooms to be inviting for their new students. They put a lot of thought and hard work into their rooms to make it not only a comfortable and educational environment for the children, but also to make it fun and welcoming. Some teachers may put up a wooden plaque sign on or by their classroom doors to let their young students know which room they belong in. I have seen many that look like a half of an apple or even a schoolhouse up on classroom doors.

You also might place a welcome mat just outside the class to show them they are welcome and also to help keep from excess dirt coming into the classroom. A lot of classrooms have a book nook (reading area). This area may have bookshelves or old crates turned on their side to make for a creative book shelf. You also might want to place a soft rug on the floor some throw pillows so your students are comfortable while they are using their class’ book nook area.

Bright colors of back to school posters, pictures and such will also help add to your room. Window clings that you can let your students help with that may picture school buses, apples, desk, chalkboards or such would be fun to place on the classroom’s windows. A bulletin board just for your students first day of school pictures to go up on would be a wonderful addition. Maybe outline your chalk board in a back to school themed bulletin board trim.

Have name tags for your children’s desk to be placed on top so on the first day they can write their names on their desk (with your help or without) so their desk is personalized as being their desk all year. You can place desk in groups for first of the year and rotate children around to help encourage socialization with each child in their class. Fish tanks are always fun as well for classrooms. A beautiful tank with colorful fish swimming around in it always puts a smile on a child’s face. Paper flowers cut out of colorful paper and placed around the room on the wall can uplift a room as well. Maybe even make a sun to place at the back of the room on the wall.

There are many ideas for a classroom. The best ideas though are the fun ones. Let your imagination wonder and get creative with everything, because when you can look at it and smile you know the children in your class will do the same.