Back to School Tips being on Time

Time- – – a powerful medium having immense possibilities! Time well spent can yield extraordinary results. Its worth significantly increases when used wisely; but drastically diminishes when allowed to be fritted away into nothingness. To students, the critical importance of ‘being on time’ can be immeasurable. Once you’re back to school after a long laid back summer holidays, seizing every moment of time as an opportunity for growth, may seem to be a far-fetched proposition. But it is possible, once you overcome the hurdle of procrastination and gear up to use time as efficiently as possible.

Here are 5 valuable tips for ‘being on time’ once you go back to school:

1. Make advance preparation

Making preparation for your back to school days well in advance can forge a successful academic school year for you. Prepare to make all the necessary adjustments. For example, prepare to sleep at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night; healthcare exponents have repeatedly stressed that sleep is essential for the smooth functioning of mind and body. Prepare to wake up a little earlier and utilize this time to have a nutritious breakfast; breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and in no way it should be had hurriedly or skipped. Also, make sure that you are well groomed before leaving for school. First impressions count; being on time can make a good impression on your teachers. Advance preparations can ensure your capability in handling the complexities of back to school days in a calm and efficient manner.

2. Recognize the value of punctuality

 Punctuality is the cornerstone of success. Studies indicate that students, who are habitually on time in all aspects of their school life, are better able to achieve their academic goals and meet with success. This includes submitting homework and class projects in a timely and orderly manner. Punctuality indicates to it your teachers that you are serious about studies and acquiring good grades. Being on time in class can make a big difference to your overall academic performance. Your teachers in all probability come to appreciate your habit of punctuality.

3. Chart out a well-defined plan

Begin the new academic year by charting out a well-defined plan for your daily activities. Set the number of hours you can devote to your homework and studies each day and then divide the same with the number of subjects you need to devote time to. Assign more time for studying those subjects you are weak in as you’ll need more preparation in those. Also, do not overlook the importance of finding some time for extracurricular activities as per your interest. Once you have formulated a plan, endeavor to stick by it in a timely manner; you may need to review and modify this plan from time to time to achieve maximum benefits from your daily routine.

4.  Learn time-management skills

Time-management is a valuable life-long skill which can be most advantageous to you as a student as well as in the later years of your adult life. By managing your time effectively, you become better organized in planning your work/study schedule. An organized student inevitably becomes a successful student. Students, who cannot manage their time effectively, are generally disorganized; they are the ones found to be lagging behind in their class work- – – in taking notes, submitting homework assignments, preparing for tests. So, it would be in your best interest to imbibe time-management skills.

5. Keep a positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude is perhaps the most vital of all tips. A student who is positive can easily finds ways to make Father Time work for him/her. Positivity can trigger awareness to the importance of good education in you. It can also enable you to value and appreciate the hard work pooled in by your teachers. It is the key element that can motivate you to habitually be on time. Nurturing a positive attitude towards the school curriculum can inspire you to take keen interest in your studies and encourage you to make good use of all the amenities that your school offers, like the library, the sports ground and the canteen.


Being on time on a regular basis can help you significantly in the long run. Bad habits are hard to break. It is therefore of utmost importance that you inculcate good habits. If you are habituated to run late – – -be it at home or at school, you can end up being continuously short of time. This could make you worrisome and tense; dissuade you from concentrating on your studies resulting in poor performance in school. Spend some moments in time to adopt the skill of ‘being on time’ as a way of life. By doing so, you are sure to win accolades from your teachers and win respect and admiration from fellow students