Back to School Tips Class Notes

Going back to school -or college- is often a fun, exciting time. Walking the path that will lead to your future career, however, is not always an easy path, but the end result is well worth the time and effort put forth!

In order to ensure you will pass all your classes with flying colors, you will need to take detailed notes in every subject, that will help you study, and remember important information as you learn it.

There are three different methods to taking note -each affective in its own special way- and each adhere to every individual.

Method one: Pen and paper.

This is the most simple, accessible way to take notes in class. You will almost always be guaranteed to have a writing utensil and paper handy and if you have forgotten these basic tools-and that does happen on those “off” days- a teacher or professor is sure to lend you the necessary items to help out a student, eager to learn. A minor setback to this method is you need to be able to write quickly and neatly, so as to keep up with your instructor and also be able to read your notes as you go over them in the future.

Method two: Bring your laptop

As you go throughout high school and into college it is good to have a few typing skills. It’s an even greater benefit to know your way around a computer. If your fingers are fast at a keyboard -and a laptop is at your disposal- a good way to take notes is to type them as your hear them. This way you’ll for sure be able to read the notes you’ve taken with no problem and maybe your wrists won’t cramp up as quickly as they might taking notes by hand! Most computers have a spelling and grammar checker so you can correct any mistakes you made and print your notes out at the end of the day for further use.

Method three: Tape recorder

The third and final method to taking notes would have to be the easiest, most effective way to take notes. Get yourself a tape recorder and simply record the whole lecture throughout class. This method works best because you can simply listen to what you’ve recorded at the end of the day and transcribe the notes to paper or print at your own pace and in your own words, making it easy to understand the lesson.

Make sure while taking notes you are putting them in your own words, something that you can understand when you go over them later and the instructor is not present. Take notice of how the instructor gives the lesson, and stresses the importance of certain things. If they say something is very important it’s probably best to underline or highlight it in your notes. If you are absent a day ask a person you know is organized if you can look over their notes or make a copy. Last of all keep your notes in an organized binder or notebook and also be sure to date them. It is much easier to find something when you are studying for finals if it’s in order by date and all in one place!