Back to School Tips your new Teachers

Your vacation will soon be over and you will be back to school. Are you curious at the prospect of encountering new teachers? Perhaps you are just more than curious! It could be that like many other fellow students, you are engulfed with mixed feelings. On one hand, you are excited at the prospect of getting together with your friends after a long spell of holidays; while on the other hand, you are beset with feelings of apprehension as to how you’ll be able to cope with your new teachers. So, what can you do to make sure that you’ll be able to get along well with your new teachers and make your new academic year a fulfilling one?

Here are four fundamental tips to help students ensure success with their new teachers:

Tip#1 Start with a positive approach

Once you are back to school, start your academic year with a positive approach; your overall academic success depends on it. Avoid looking at things solely from your point of view. Keep in mind that your new teachers are specifically interested in teaching and want nothing better than seeing you succeed in your academic performance. Adopting a positive frame of mind and knowing at the back of your mind that your teachers are there to help you all the way, can encourage you to be more receptive to learning. Practicing optimism all through the academic year can enable you to fully concentrate on your studies and successfully pursue your academic goals.

Tip#2 Create a good impression

Creating a good impression on your teachers can be a powerful tool to your progress as a student. Once your teachers are aware that you are genuinely serious about your studies, they would be genuinely keen on helping you achieve your academic goals.  You can create a good impression on your teachers by your good behavior and by being cooperative and helpful in the classroom. Consider that your teachers are human too; they too may have shortcomings- – so avoid being critical or harboring impractical expectations from them. Keep in mind that life is all about give and take. You can help your new teachers to adjust to the new class of students by being as amicable as possible. You can make their task a wee bit easier by volunteering to do little errands for them in the classroom and school. Smile more often and frown less.

Tip#3 Demonstrate your attentiveness

Keep in mind that your attentiveness in class would be most appreciated by your new teachers. Your example could also motivate other not-so-attentive students in your class to follow suit. By demonstrating attentiveness, you convey to your teachers that their time and efforts of careful preparation in their respective subjects, is amply rewarded.  Attentive students can provide the much-needed incentive and inspire the new teachers to enhance their teaching skills. They can boost their new teacher’s confidence level and dramatically improve on their teaching. Simultaneously, attentiveness in class can improve your ability to concentrate and make your learning process easier to assimilate. 

Tip#4 Show respect

 Being respectful to all – – especially to your elders, is the core element of good moral character. Showing respect to all your teachers is of vital importance. It manifests your good upbringing. You must realize that although teaching may be deemed as a noble profession, it is not a lucrative one. Dedicated teachers work hard to not only impart lessons, but also work diligently within the parameters of the school board to cover the entire curriculum within an allocated time frame. They have to be tactful in dealing with difficult students and those with learning disabilities. Since they are responsible for teaching all the students under their wings, they have to constantly exercise caution and restraint in the most trying of situations. Your teachers therefore deserve your utmost understanding and respect.


Your school years are an important training ground for adulthood. All your future successes in your personal and professional lives can be significantly influenced by the important lessons and life skills you have imbibed in school from all your teachers- – old and new. Make sure that your life’s journey is meaningful and rewarding by taking care to inculcate the full essence of the above tips.