Back to School Tips your School Locker

Teenagers have this bad habit of losing things. Homework, school books, notebooks, etc., most of them are forgotten in the abyss they created in their school locker. At first, the locker is all neat and well organized, of course. Most of the students even put effort in organizing every part of their locker. But then, weeks pass, months… and somewhere between all their classes, it became a disaster. Talking with their friends, late for class or eager to come back home, students neglect their locker and put anything they’re not keeping with them on the top of an ever-growing pile, until it all falls from their locker and have to re-organize it once again.

To avoid such a mess, a student should take time to clean his/her locker at least once a week. Perhaps after school if they don’t have school bus to take, or in the lunch break if they have enough time, students should take the time to put back papers in the good binders, put all the assignments to hand in in a folder, and put all the stories/papers to read in the same binder for when it is time to read them. It is pretty simple, and when a student does it on a weekly basis, it takes a lot less time. 

To organize your locker in an efficient way, there are many items you can buy in order to separate your locker in many sections. Staples and Dollar store usually sell decent ones, but if you don’t want to pay anything for it, you can simply use a cardboard box, if you find one that fits your locker well. With the box, you will be able to put binders and school books either in the box or on its top, and separate them by any criteria that fits your need. For example, you can put all your binders on the bottom of your locker, while all the manuals are on the top of the box, or you can put every binder with its class book so you don’t have to search for both before going to class.

The locker is important in a student’s life: it is the place a student goes between each class, and where the student puts all the important (and less important) things they need to bring at shcool. Unorganized, the locker can be so chaotic that you won’t find what you need for your next class, and it can be frustrating to see how you will have to pull everything out of the locker in order to find the one thing you need.