Best Advice for the High School Graduate

The best advice for the high school graduate is to take time to evaluate where he is, to ascertain where he wants to go next, where he wants to end up and how he can take the most effective steps to get there. This involves equipping himself with all the right resources, information and options so he can browse carefully through, and decide which path to go down – he needs to make an informed choice about his future career.

Choosing the right road when we come a fork is all about information. When we stand at the crossroads, the wisdom of our decision as to which road to take will depend on information. After all, how much easier it is to know which avenue to go down, when there is a signpost! If we know, or find out, what is at the end of each path, the decision is much easier. So when contemplating, for example, a College Life or a Workplace Life, students need to get informed before ruling anything out. This a time about choice so students need to make their own choice. They need to make sure it’s their own choice – but – to also make sure it’s “an informed choice.” High school graduates shouldn’t just dismiss the idea of going to College, Community College, Apprenticeship or Vocational School or whatever it might be – out of hand. They owe it to themselves, their future and their parents, for example, to check out a college or another place in person, before they turn down any life chances.

For example, students could go visit a college! Why not? It might be fun, it might be a laugh for a weekend to go with a couple of friends. They can check out the nightlife, the dorms, the venue, the city, the buzz – high school graduates might be surprised how lively and fun it all looks. They need to check out the courses too of course – there might be something there they had never thought of before. If prospective students don’t even investigate the further education options they might be turning down the opportunity to study an exciting major that would lead to an alternative job and the lifestyle of a life-time.

Obviously, different courses will depend on different strengths they had in High School but how about Oceanography (taking an exchange year in Bali), Languages (leading to a culturally exciting job of a lifetime as a diplomat, say in Rome?) Physics (working for NASA)? All with th fun and whirl of a college social life as well. These are just examples, but the point is, the world is their oyster right now. High school graduates can go whichever way they want – they are doing the choosing.

High school graduates just need to make an “informed choice” – how will they know an option is not for them, if they don’t go look?

Helpful Resources:

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