Best Advice for the Parents of the Graduate

You start off as proud as a parent can be. Your child has just graduated after years of hard work and soon they will working their way up in their desired career. But alas, its been over a month and your new graduate is still at home, with no job and now you just want to scream.

This is a common reaction for parents of new graduates. I am quite certain my own parents can relate to this very well right now in fact. Their son or daughter has graduated and they expect them to be able to walk straight into their dream career, suddenly earning enough cash to be independent and out of your hair. But often it does not quite go according to this plan.

Once a person graduates, they do have the qualification for the career they wish to follow, but many positions still expect you to have experience. This leaves the new graduate in a terrible spot of not knowing what to do. They expected to find a job immediately but so far they have not even gotten a call for an interview. They are becoming very discouraged and may be tempted to give up the search. Instead they are at home all day, everyday, perhaps eating your kitchen clean or sitting in front of the television all day long. You are ready to explode and think it is because the are not trying hard enough. But in actual fact, they probably are.

In some careers, it is easy to finish college and walk straight into an entry level position. However, in many others you have to wait until the right position comes up and then you may have to some how out-charm all the other applicants to secure the position. This is a very frustrating time for graduates and parents alike, because most of the time the parents do not understand and the graduate is about ready to throw their dream out forever.

The best method for this time in your child’s life is to be patient and to share that patience with them. Understand that this is just a temporary situation and while it may go on for several months, one day they will find a job that is right for them and everything will work out for the best. But until then you need to give them support and encouragement. Keep offering them understanding and ensure that they keep applying for jobs. Try not to get angry at them, because really it is unlikely to be their fault. Chances are, your child is just as eager to get out there and work as you are to have them out of your house and on their way with their own lives.

Also consider that they are about to embark on an emotional-charged rollercoaster once they do start their first out of college position, as this will take your child well out of their comfort zone and teach them what the real world really is like. For this reason, the temporary break, however frustrating for the whole family it is, could be a very important time in giving your child some relaxation before their big career break.

Good things come to those to persist and remember, patience is a virtue!