Better Grades Secrets better Studying

One of the most important secrets to getting better grades is attitude. A positive attitude can accomplish anything. Dreading the time of day set aside to study is a huge negative and needs to be avoided. The human mind is a wondrous thing that can be trained to accept any perimeters. The best thing to do is to change the negative thinking to positive. Preparing your mind for studying earlier in the day will allow you to start your session with a fresh and clear perspective. Along with the correct attitude comes motivation. Better grades will be the stepping stones to unlimited opportunities. You could be denied entrance to a college you really wanted to attend because of poor grades. Only the students with the highest grades earn scholarships. Think about that and get yourself motivated to get better grades. The secrets to better grades will be needed all the rest of your life.

The secret to a better grade in difficult subject matter is to research it thoroughly. Go to the library or use the internet to get different points of view. Not all experts and scholars explain things the same way. Finding one that you can relate to will make studying much easier. Break down the material into an outline. Highlight the key points so you can see how they associate with the main topic. Find a mentor versed in the subject. This could be another student, teacher or a person working in the field you are studying. Remember, anything you ever would want to know has already been written down for you to read. Take advantage of that.

Another secret is to get together with a group of your peers to study. Open discussion about the subject matter can be a huge help in understanding. Have everyone read a paragraph then take turns asking questions formed from it. This can also be done in a one on one situation. Studying by yourself you can take important points from the text and write questions so you can quiz yourself later. There is no need to study harder if you study smarter. Avoid distractions like television, cell phones and IPods. Using today’s technology it might be fun and interesting to use texting with a study partner asking questions back and forth from the study material.

Proper preparation for an examination by studying the material well ahead of the time is far better then “cramming.”  When taking a test always be sure to take your time and answer correctly.  If you are unsure about a question move on to the next one then come back later to answer the one you left blank.  After answering all of the questions you are sure of then answer the rest of the questions you skipped with your best guess.  Test questions with no answers are marked as incorrect.  You might get lucky.

Exercise is extremely important to getting better grades. Relieve the stress you have built up from studying. It’s also a welcome break to concentrate on other things for a little while. Exercise will also contribute to getting more rest. Students who get the right amount of sleep always do better on tests. Eat foods that are known to enhance the learning process and are nutritious for your body. If you do all of these things simultaneously you will have better grades and be a very healthy person. You will feel better, look better and get better grades all rolled into one.

The best secret of all in getting better grades is to have great rapport with the teacher. Even if you are struggling with the subject and the teacher is convinced that you are making the best possible effort to understand, that D grade can become a C. Still, there is little substitute for hard work and repetition.