Beyond the Classroom Learning Lessons for Life in High School

Survival it should be mandatory
High school courses currently mandatory tend to be along traditional lines like Math, English and History. These are great courses but a course that many high schools forget is “Senior Survival”. Why should this course be mandatory? Because in my opinion, while English, History and Math provide wonderful launching pads for further education; “Senior Survival” prepares the student for life outside of high school. The ability to do simple addition and subtraction as on the math portion of a Taco Bell application is important and taught through mandatory Math classes. But the ability to fill out the application correctly, ask for a desired wage or fill out the W-4 form is not taught in traditional classes. “Senior Survival” fills the void where school and parents leave off and real life starts.
“Senior Survival” is exactly as it sounds- a course on how to survive in the world outside of high school. The curriculum covers everything from how to set up and balance a checking account; to creating a resume. In this course the student is bombarded with real life scenarios with real life solutions. The students learn about leases and rental contracts, how to find roommates and how to evict roommates. Why a credit report is important and what credit numbers mean to bank lenders. How to approach your boss with a problem, and legal issues like sexual harassment and discrimination are covered in depth. These topics are just a few of the many life learning lessons that are taught through this class.
“Senior Survival” covers all facets of living that normal course study doesn’t teach in class. Today’s parents entrust schools with teaching their children everything. And unfortunately, often don’t have the time or inclination to delve deeper into the curriculum to see what is not being taught to their children. Senior year can be a very busy year. Parents can get wrapped up in so many issues concerning graduation that they are unaware that their children do not have the skills to manage on their own once they do graduate. Many students do not know how to interview for a job. The student might assume they know only to be disappointed when they are unable to get a job. Entry level jobs do not tend to have interviewing managers that want to take the time to teach graduates how to fill out the application completely, how to follow up on the interview, or even how to act during the interview. Society itself expects children to graduate from high school knowing how to survive on their own.
In order to succeed whether it is at college or working in the world outside of high school the skills and information learned in “Senior Survival” prepare students for the things they could face. This course encompasses real world situations with real world solutions allowing the students the opportunity to be prepared for life after high school. That is why it should be mandatory in my opinion.