Beyond the Classroom Learning Lessons for Life in High School

English, math and science are the basics the for high school curriculum, but what about the lessons in socialization, peer pressure and the real sex-ed that you didn’t sign up for? High school is much, much more than grades and transcripts. This is the time of your life when you are trapped between childhood and adulthood, when you are being told to be responsible and adult, yet you are held down by child-like rules and restrictions. In the halls of a high school, the students are society. There are all types of people in the workforce and the same in these halls. Sure most of those students will change their standing in “society”, but the time is now. Everywhere you look there are students making life decisions, just as if they were 40 years old.

During this time you will learn about friendship; not recess on the playground friendship, but real love and support friendship. All students will crash and burn in this course a few times before they really learn how to pick friends as well as how to be a friend.

You will also learn about prejudice: the levels of high-, middle-, and low-class will be administered to these students by their peers. You will see how each class is treated differently by their social standings, you may even experience the darker side of prejudice while in high school.

You will learn about priority: over these four years you will be balancing work, family, friends, school and personal issues. You will be forced to prioritize these things and balance your life as if you were supporting a family of your own.

You will learn the real story about sex: The things you learn in health class are merely the facts. The things that you will see, hear and in some cases experience, are far beyond text book. You will see hurt and suffering; you will see life crushing situations and may even become support of those who have fallen.

You will learn politics: It is no secret that the faculty is the government and the students are the people. You will see honesty, you will see deceit. Far beyond student council, you will see cause and effect of laws and breaking them.

When you enter high school, you are really training for life. Pay attention to the lessons that you didn’t sign up for, those grades are just as important as the classes you study for.