Bullying has got to stop! It gets worse every year to the point where young people are committing suicide because they don’t know how else to deal with their emotional turmoil. I myself was bullied as a child and it leaves permanent emotional scars. I feel that not only educators but parents as well need to take control of this bullying before any more precious lives are lost. I just read the most uplifting book called Olivia’s Letters. It is about a young girl who was bullied because she had a seizure at school. This is a beautiful, loving young lady bullied because of a medical condition. God created us all equally! Who are we mortals to decide whom is better than whom? I personally believe those who bully others due so because they themselves are insecure and feel powerful by hurting others. If only we could find a way to put an end to this, the world would be a much better place for us all. Parents, please talk to your children. Tell them that bullying is not okay and let them know that if they themselves are bullied, they need to let an adult know right away before it gets out of control. Talk to your school principals about holding assemblies to discuss bullying. Be sure your child’s school has a zero- tolerance policy and that bullying of any kind will be dealt with harshly. Let’s do everything we can to ensure that our children are safe, physically, emotionally, as well as psychologically. I strongly encourage you to read Olivia’s Letters and share some of the content with your children, whether they be bullies , bullied, or just the child who stands on the sidelines. Suggest to your child that he/she stand up for others who are being bullied. We as parents need to work together to ensure a safe,healthy and happy future for each and every child. They all deserve to be loved and card for regardless of skin color or disabilities. If your child is a bully, ask them how they would feel if the shoe were on the other foot. Teach them to respect others. We all remember the Golden Rule. Teach it to your children. If your child is being bullied, let them know that they are loved and that they are not alone. Assure them that things will get better. That there will be a brighter tomorrow. Let’s stop this now! Do some research online or visit your local library to find out more information on how to put an end to this bullying. Let’s not let any more children be driven to suicide. There is hope for a better and brighter future. Parents, remember you are the best teachers your children will ever have. Education begins with you. Teach your kids about love and respect for others who may not be as well off in life as they themselves are.