Bullies have existed in the school system for generations-through all grades and ages.  Young children can feel especially vulnerable through their more pronounced emotional vulnerability, and size in being able to intimidate or fight back against kids who may be bigger than they are.  Younger and smaller children are much easier prey to larger children, whether they are younger or older.  This can translate into futile attempts to defend themselves, causing them in most cases to feel more vulnerable and threatened.  Older kids can  be especially intimidating, not only through size, but through a more aggressive and threatening stance.  Young children, through smaller stature and emotional/psychological underdevelopment, are especially targeted by bullies.

As a parent, this does not necessarily teach or egg them on to fight back.  Many schools have a zero tolerance policy towards school fighting-possibly even leading to expulsion.  Once you suspect your child has been bullied and harassed, it is paramount that you go to or contact the school to have the bully of your child dealt with.  Many children are reticent about reporting bullies out of fear or reprisals and an antiquated system of being ‘silent’ over such personal issues to school authorities.  First of all, talking to your child to get to the bottom of things starts the process of dealing with such young thugs and hooligans, who are hellbent on tormenting and inflict as much grief, anxiety and pain upon a child as possible.

Schools are following this with zero tolerance policies towards campus bullying.  If it is not gauged as being severe or threatening, take your child aside and teach them to simply ignore such rhetorical remarks.  By ignoring bullying remarks, the fire is taken out of the tormentor and they can end up facing persecution and harassment by fellow classmates and other peers.  Sympathy, camaraderie and other positive attributes and characteristics can spread to others seeing somebody being ridiculed, heckled and otherwise threatened.   Teaching them that equal rhetoric and even violence only inflames the situation.  It feeds a person seeing nothing more than making another person feel like they are in hell itself-giving them the impetus to becoming more prolific in their attacks. 

With any kid in school, they have to navigate life’s pathway of pitfalls and problems.  They are facing a microcosm of the beginnings of an adult world.  Children have been harassed, tortured and tormented over issues of sexual preference, money, clothes, looks, weight, amongst other issues for ages.  Dealing with the more aggressive and prolific attackers in a zero tolerance way is the way to go.  With younger children, they can suffer especially badly.  In the lesser cases, not fueling it and banding with others helps to build self-esteem and confidence in your children.